Constructive space exists for Pakistan despite Indo-US coop: Former PAF chief

Staff Reporter

Former Air Chief Air Chief Marshall (R) Sohail Amaan has called for pragmatically taking ties with the United States forward instead of resorting to bluster.

He was speaking at a book launch ceremony hosted by the Strategic Vision Institute.

The book titled “Pakistan’s Security and the India-US Strategic Partnership: Nuclear Politics and Security Competition” has been authored by Dr. Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari.

The book evaluates India-US strategic partnership with reference to Pakistan’s security and concludes that a change in the balance of power in India’s favor through this partnership would be perilous for Pakistan’s security.

Air Chief Marshall Amaan believes that despite the growing cooperation between India and US, a “constructive space” exists for Pakistan, which can be used to its (Pakistan’s) advantage.

He urged Pakistani leaders to utilize the country’s strategic importance and diplomacy for intensifying engagement with US.

“Diplomacy is not about annoying anyone and picking up enmity with any country. US is still a super power.

We must realize and respect that. It is a tough time. … There is no need to boast about what has happened in Afghanistan,” he maintained.

“No point in getting excited about it,” he further said.
In the national context, the former air chief emphasized the need for effective judiciary, strong military, sustainable economy and good human resource.
Dr. Bukhari gave an overview of the book and answered questions raised by the reviewers and audience.

President SVI Dr Zafar Iqbal Cheema said the book was first of its kind by a Pakistani author.