Coming soon: Sourav’s Biopic

Bipin Dani

Former India captain and head of the Indian cricket board Sourav Ganguly has given his nod to a biopic based on his glorious life as a cricketer.

Speaking exclusively on this, Dada’s wife, Dona Ganguly said, “Sourav’s biopic will be a success”.

“There have been many ups and downs in his life and therefore I believe this biopic will be a great success”.

“Yes, it is still in the initial stage and more details are being worked out but now it has been confirmed that the bio-pic will certainly get ready”.

Apparently, there are few names doing rounds for Sourav’s role but the former captain, who now heads the Indian cricket board has recommended the film actor Ranbir Kapoor’s name for his role.

When asked if her character would feature in the biopic, she pointed out that given the story is all about Dada’s life, she was sure there will be a role for his wife in the biopic. “I am not sure whom they are thinking of for my role; they may not have finalized yet”.

There have been other popular biopics on MS Dhoni, Azharuddin and they were great successes.

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