Comedian Jeff Ross named in Texas inmate’s death row case



A Comedy Central special where Jeff Ross roasted inmates at a Texas county jail in 2015 is part of a petition heading to the Supreme Court.

Attorneys for Gabriel Paul Hall claimed that their client had a “no contact” order without consent from legal counsel while “awaiting trial after being indicted on a high-profile capital murder charge,” but jail officials allowed Hall to be interviewed by Ross and a production team.

Footage from “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live At Brazos County Jail” was then “introduced against Petitioner at the penalty phase of his trial, and he was sentenced to death,” according to the petition.

Hall confessed to murdering retired Texas A&M University professor and disabled veteran Edwin Shaar and stabbing his wife Linda Shaar in their College Station home in 2011. At the time, Hall was an 18-year-old student at A&M Consolidated High School.

Jeff Ross was named in a death row case as attorneys fight for an appeal of Texas inmate.

The petition described a “nine-person film crew led by actor and professional insult comic Jeff Ross” being allowed into the high-security area.

“Ross interviewed Petitioner (Hall), who was awaiting trial after being indicted on a high-profile capital murder charge. Petitioner’s counsel were not advised of the interview, despite having previously sent the Sheriff a ‘no contact’ letter instructing him to give no one access to Petitioner without their consent.”

The interview included “numerous vulgar provocations by Ross and damaging responses from Petitioner.” Jeff Ross roasts Alec Baldwin Jeff Ross is known for being the king of roasts, and has stood among the greats in trading jabs.

Ross did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

A description of the Comedy Central special show said that Ross “heads to Brazos County Jail to get a look at life behind bars. In addition to playing basketball in the yard and spending time in solitary confinement, Ross hears prisoners’ stories, performs stand-up and even roasts the inmates.”—Agencies