CM orders solving farmers’ cotton-sowing related problems

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Says launching awareness campaign to prevent thalassemia

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz Sunday took notice of problems being faced by cotton growers in southern Punjab with regard to timely sowing of the crop saying “farmers are our brothers and they will not be left alone”.

According to official sources here, the CM directed the Punjab chief secretary to take measures to ensure timely cultivation of cotton and for overcoming water shortage problem.

He said that an immediate meeting should be held with Agriculture and Irrigation secretaries so that steps could be taken for timely redress of the prob-lems of farmers.He also sought an implementation report from the CS in this regard. Meanwhile Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shehbaz said that immediate relief to the inflation-hit masses is top priority of the government.

Addressing a press conference he said that major reshuffling in police and civil bureaucracy is under review to encourage the competent officers to facili-tate the people. He said that previous government played havoc with the institutions for its own ulterior motives and we must take immediate remedial measures to put the province back on the right track.

The Chief Minister said that we do not believe in politics of victimization but the responsible culprits have to pay for their loot and plunder.

On the other hand Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Hamza Shahbaz visited Sundas Foundation today on the World Thalassemia Day for the prevention of Thalassemia and inquired after children patients suffering from Thalassemia and Haemophilia. CM Hamza asked the name from every child and also asked for their wellbeing. Hamza Shehbaz behaved kindly with the patient children and prayed for their early recovery. The children made selfies with the Chief Minister.

One female child Zunaira sang a song about the greatness of a mother to the CM. Hamza Shehbaz on this occasion said that you have made me emotional by singing a song about the greatness of a mother. He remarked that the way you love your mother, I also love my mother in the same manner. CM visited the dental surgery, physiotherapy, lab and nursing department of the children. He also inspected the facilities being provided to the children for their treatment and appreciated the quality facilities being provided for the treatment of the children by the Sundas Foundation. Hamza Shehbaz remarked that the Sundas Foundation is on the forefront to provide services to the distressed humanity adding that selfless service to the grieved humanity is not less than a spiritual deed. He said that those distributing others grief are not only benefitting in the matter of religion but also in the world. CM appreciated that Sundas Foundation is doing a noble deed by bringing back the lives of thousands of innocent children from the fatal diseases.

CM acknowledged that Sundas Foundation is performing a great duty by providing healthy blood to the Thalassemia and Haemophilia patients. He disclosed that the Punjab government will continue to support such organizations who are doing welfare work.

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