CM chairs high-level meeting, reviews stock of wheat


Gives message on World Food Day

The Federal government has refused to grant permission to the Punjab government to import wheat. Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi expressed his deep concern over the refusal of the Federal government to grant permission to the Punjab government to import wheat.CM said that Sindh and other provinces have been provided wheat being imported by the Federal government. The Federal government imported wheat earlier also but did not give share to Punjab and now the Punjab government sought permission to import 10lac metric ton wheat on self- payment basis. The Punjab government by taking into consideration public needs sought permission to import wheat according to the constitutional and legal way but the Federal government refused to grant permission. He said that the attitude of the Federal government about the people of Punjab is not only regrettable but condemnable as well adding that Shehbaz Sharif is conspiring to take revenge from the people of Punjab owing to turning out PML-N from Punjab and a nefarious attempt is being made to create wheat scarcity in Punjab. He revealed that 16 thousand metric ton wheat is still being provided to Islamabad from Punjab. He stated that the stock of wheat is comparatively less in Punjab during the current year due to various reasons adding that the import of wheat in Punjab has become inevitable due to the flood affectees and other reasons. Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi presided over a high-level meeting at CMO in which the available stock of wheat and other matters came under review. Matters pertaining to urea, phosphate, seeds of wheat and subsidy on the wheat being imported came under discussion.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi said that to enhance the production of food and ensuring food security is the first and foremost priority of the government. Nutritious diet is the fundamental need and right of every human being and a close collaboration between the government and a practical sector is essential in order to ensure food protection. Owing to corona virus, infectious diseases, climate changes, violent disputes and other confronting challenges have increased the problems of food shortage for lacs of people. The shortage of food production and its distribution challenge is aggravating this problem every now and then. The food distribution mechanism faced a severe loss due to floods in Pakistan which increased the pressure on the prices of edible items. He emphasized that we will have to take steps in a consolidated manner in order to increase the food production and to ensure better nutrition as well. CM in his message on World Food Day urged to stop the wastage of food to mitigate the possibility of food scarcity adding that it is essential to impart vigorous awareness to the common man in this regard.CM stated that the aim to celebrate World Food Day is to further escalate our efforts to resolve the problems occurring due to food scarcity.

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