City needs Rs100b for major uplift: Dr Sattar


Staff Reporter

Leader of his own faction of MQM Dr Farooq Sattar has said that the city should be provided at least one thousand billion rupees in the next four years for ongoing projects related to drinking water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, transport, education, health and circular railway restoration, if present government was interested in its development. He said that PTI government should realize that Pakistan’s economic development is subjected to the development of Karachi. “if Karachi is once again made a developed city, Pakistan will also achieve its goals of socio-economic progress.” The politician was addressing the Corporate Public Relations Company’s ENOWATE Decade of Achieve Awards ceremony as a chief guest held at a local hotel. Sattar emphasized empowerment of new generation being our last hope to overcome the present deteriorating economic condition of the country. Senator Haseeb Khan said that Pakistan can becomea developed country if everybody wiling pay income tax, but it is regretted to say that the powerful mafia of agriculture sector is not willing to pay any kind of tax. The prominent personalities of trade and industry who received high performance award included Malik Mohammad Bostan, Fayyaz Ilyas, Zeeshan Zaki, Haji Rafiq Pardesi, Shahbaz Islam, Eijaz Ali Shah, Nadeem Moulvi, Hanif Gohar, Anjum Nisar, Mehmood Moulvi, Mehmood Ali, Junaid Abdul Kadir, Zahid Saeed, Anwer Dawood, Najeeb Haroon, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Mian Mehmood, Ehsaan Khaliq, Arsalan Ahmed Khan, Syed Mehmood Ali, Ahsan Mehnati, Sardar Shoukat Popalzai, Zubair Tafail, Asif Sumsum, Suhaib Ahmed, Shayan ul Haq, Zafar Paracha, Mehmood Ahmed Khan, Dr. Zahid Hassan Ansari, Asif Inam, Tariq Saud, Sabir Shaikh and Editor-in Chief Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik.