China’s int’l poverty reduction focus on Pakistan from 2021: IPRCC

Observer Report

As Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that China has scored a “complete victory” in its fight against poverty, the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) claimed that China’s international poverty reduction will focus on Pakistan from 2021.

The IPRCC has set out to research and design proper poverty reduction plans for Pakistan, Gwadar Pro reported.

According to the Poverty Reduction Report in Asia 2020, released by BOAO Forum for Asia, Pakistan has been removed from the list of low-income and food-deficit countries.

“It’s a positive trend for poverty reduction,” IPRCC said, “however, Pakistan’s per capita national income remains low.

” Pakistan ranks 37th out of 47 Asian countries with a per capita national income of $1,530.

China’s international poverty reduction program is working for 45,725 thousand impoverished Pakistani and 1,900 thousand extremely impoverished Pakistani.