China’s example is more than adequate to learn from



Since Solomon Islands and China established diplomatic relations three years ago, China has become the largest infrastructure cooperation partner and reliable development partner of Solomon Islands.

In July 2022, China-Pacific Island Countries Poverty Alleviation and Cooperative Development Center was officially launched in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, which is an important measure taken by China to support the development and rejuvenation of Pacific island countries. At present, Pacific island countries are faced with challenges posed by climate change, increasing poverty, rising unemployment, etc. In addition, the social and economic impacts brought about by the COVID-19 have exacerbated those challenges, making the situation even tougher. The world has witnessed how China has lifted 770 million people in rural areas out of poverty over the past decades. Now, China has accomplished the arduous task of eradicating absolute poverty, which is unprecedented.

The development of Ningde, Fujian Province, is a success story of how China has secured victory in eradicating poverty. Pacific island countries are similar to Fujian Province in terms of lush greenery, diverse species, and being adjacent to the blue ocean. Apart from similar geographical situations, we have strong links between the people and complementary development advantages. We believe, and hope, this Center will provide tangible results for learning and sharing experiences and information between China and its Pacific Islands friends on poverty alleviation strategies. Soon, we will transfer these experiences to the Pacific Islands to help boost our economies and support our peoples’ welfare. China’s own stellar example and remarkable economic growth is more than adequate to learn from.

Recently, the Pacific Leaders, during their recent annual meeting in Fiji, had adopted the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent. This is a long-term vision to identify and address key vulnerabilities, challenges, as well as opportunities, for the region in the decades to come. First among these issues, Climate Change is paramount. Climate Change is at the core of these challenges. We therefore, look forward to the cooperation and assistance from the Chinese government to help us meet these challenges and achieve our goals. In April this year, China-Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Cooperation Center was officially launched in Liaocheng, Shandong Province.

I believe the comprehensive strategic partnership between Pacific island countries and China will enjoy long-term stability and bear more fruits. John Moffat Fugui is the Solomon Islands Ambassador to China .


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