China promotes integrated military, civilian development: Spokesperson


Observer Report


A spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin said it is a customary international practice to promote integrated military and civilian development and it is no exception for the US, where this practice dates back to before WWI
At a regular news briefing, he said China has stated its position on this issue repeatedly. Lately the US has been misrepresenting and smearing China’s military-civilian integration policy, employing moral hijack, political pressure and even threat of sanctions against Chinese and American businesses and researchers. China deplores and rejects this.
The spokesperson said, in recent years, it has been pursuing all-dimension and all-sector integration at an even faster pace.
The US Defense Department and military conduct various cooperation projects with American universities, R&D institutions and private companies. Some American multinational companies like Lockheed Martin are the result of “military-civil fusion” themselves, with business operations and products covering both ends. The US allegation against China is typical double standards by forbidding others to do what it is doing itself. Its true purpose is to create excuses to justify a high-tech blockage against China. The root of this is the Cold War mentality the US still clings to as it attempts to contain China’s development.
It goes against the spirit of international cooperation and the trend of the times and will eventually damage the interests of China, theUS and the whole world.
China’s military-civilian integration policy is aimed at effectively mobilizing military and civilian resources, coordinating socioeconomic growth and national defense development, and benefiting the public with scientific and technological progress. This policy is aboveboard and beyond reproach. Our scientific progress is achieved with the Chinese people’s industry and innovation. We urge the US to immediately correct its mistake, stop deliberate provocations and malicious denigration against China, and return to the right track of win-win cooperation.

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