Harry, Meghan sue paparazzi over unsolicited pictures of Archie


Los Angeles

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have recently filed a lawsuit against paparazzi in L.A for taking unsolicited pictures of their son Archie through persistent drones.
According to a report by the L.A Times, the couple filed their complaint with L.A County Superior Court under the pretence that an ‘unidentified’ group of people who reportedly photographed their son while he was in their backyard.
TMZ claims the couple has always taken extensive measures to protect their privacy and have even set up a large mesh fence to safeguard against telephoto lenses. However, an unnamed photographer “crossed a red line for any parent” and pepped their son.
The photos appear to be taken from a Malibu beach retreat even though the couple claim Archie has not been outside since they moved to L.A. According to the report, the photographer purposefully chose this method because taking “unsolicited photographs of a young child in the privacy of his own home are very much unlawful.”
Since the couple is not aware of who took the photos, they utilized California’s paparazzi law and filed the complaint under the pretence of ‘unnamed defendants’. This way they will be able to take legal action through subpoenas, on anyone peddling those pictures.
Their attorney Michael J. Kump claims, “Every individual and family member in California is guaranteed by law the right to privacy in their home.—AP

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