China keen to facilitate investors to boost economy


Saud Faisal Malik (Chief Digital Officer) Pakistan Observer

BEIJING/ China – The participants of a conference have stressed the need to further improve the ease of doing business to enable the private sector to play its due role in the growth of Chinese economy. They suggested taking steps for improving confidence of entrepreneurs and providing them conducive atmosphere for their individual growth and the overall betterment of the national economy.

The political advisers from the China National Democratic Construction Association, one of the eight non-CPC political parties of the country and the office bearers of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, an organization with over 5 million corporate members attended the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission was also part of this important gathering. Political advisers highlighted nation’s hard-won achievements in 2022 and over the past five years.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chinese President promised taking measures for enhancing confidence of businesses and minimizing burdens of private enterprises. He reiterated the government resolve of extending every possible help to the private sector so that the enterprises could achieve high-quality sustainable growth. He called for steps to improve the ease of doing business, remove institutional barriers to provide level playing field and protect rights and interests of the private sector.

He highlighted the importance of maintaining composure and strategic resolve, pursuing progress while ensuring stability, work proactively and in unity, and have the courage to carry on the fight in the face of profound and complex changes in the domestic and international landscapes.

He said that unity was key for the nation’s strength. He said that the country has managed to overcome various risks and challenges only due to unity, hard work and fighting spirit of the great nation. He urged people to continue hard work with zeal and zest as more risks and challenges were ahead.

“Only by all the people sticking together, standing in solidarity and staying courageous can help the nation secure new and greater victories during the days to come”, he said, adding that the private sector was a key for achieving the desired goals.

China is a strategic partner of Pakistan which has already achieved unprecedented and sustainable economic growth by providing a conducive atmosphere to private sector enterprises. Pakistan can replicate the policies adopted by China especially for strengthening of small and medium-sized enterprises to boost business activities.

The neighboring country has launched projects worth billions of dollars under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Further concessions in China will encourage Pakistani enterprises to initiate joint ventures with their Chinese counterparts. Such initiatives will not only help improving the national economy but also facilitate transfer of modern technology.