Twitter divided over Aurat March as women activists set to hit roads in patriarchal nation


Thousands of women are preparing to demand their rights in direct defiance in the male-dominated country as Lahore High Court allowed Aurat March organizers to continue rally as planned.

The recent drama stemmed from the deputy commissioner’s refusal and the matter landed in court which annulled the contentious orders against the march. The nationwide event famously known as Aurat March will be attended by a large number of women, mostly from the upper class, to mark International Women’s Day on March 8 tomorrow.

For the last several years, Aurat March has been held across major metropolises in South Asian nations while the marchers triggered an intense backlash, especially on social websites.

Lately, left-wing groups are busy crafting bold slogans for the controversial march, and on the other hand, there has been an uproar in right-wing circles as marchers faced ire after being ridiculed for spreading indecency in a conservative nation.

Aurat March was met with all sorts of reactions from social media users on microblogging platforms. Some raised questions about restricting freedom of expression while others posted memes and trolled.

Social media reactions