China, EU should add stabilizing factors to a turbulent world: Xi


Chinese President Xi Jinping via video link with President Charles Michel of the European Council and President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission in Beijing on the evening of 1 April. President Xi Jinping is meeting

more relevant under the current circumstances. a China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership of greater global influence. China’s vision remains unchanged.

If anything, it has become and forge Europe work together to build a bridge of friendship and cooperation across the Eurasian continent, foster a China-EU partnership for peace, growth, reform and civilization, and China he suggested that President Xi recalled his visit to the EU headquarters eight years ago when turbulent world a to in adding stabilizing factors relations and on major issues concerning global peace and development, and play a constructive role civilizations, should increase communication on their great Against such a backdrop, China and the EU, as two major forces, big markets and President Xi pointed out that the Ukraine crisis has come on top of a protracted COVID-19 pandemic and a faltering global recovery.

growth of China-EU relations. the steady and sustained foundation for cooperation, and that only through cooperation and coordination can the two sides resolve problems and rise to challenges.

Noting the consistency and continuity of China’s EU policy, President Xi called on the EU to form its own perception of China, adopt an independent China policy, and work with China for that China and the EU share extensive common interests and a solid despite difficulties.

It has been proven challenges, and China-EU cooperation has achieved new results despite President Xi stressed that, since last year, China-EU relations have made new progress.


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