China: A trusted friend


DELIVERING his opening remarks at a dialogue titled Global Development and Governance held at Pakistan-China Institute and Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies in Islamabad, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong stated that his country stands by Pakistan in these difficult times as the two countries are strategic allies which stood by each other in the face of all challenges.

The very sentiments expressed by the Chinese envoy are also strongly cherished and valued by a common man in Pakistan.

This bilateral relationship is a unique example in the world which is more than just diplomatic relations as it rests in the hearts of Pakistani people despite cultural and language differences.

Over the years, Beijing has proved to be a true and tested friend of Pakistan. It has always remained at the forefront whenever Pakistan is faced with any economic challenge.

Most recently it rolled over its loan worth over two billion dollars whilst the way Chinese friends extended support to Pakistan in the form of provision of vaccine after the breakout of Covid-19 is also fresh in the minds of Pakistani people.

We have no doubt in saying that there is no other country that Pakistan can trust the most than China.

The people of Pakistan are greatly inspired with the vision of shared prosperity espoused by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Propelled by that vision is the multibillion dollar CPEC project which has helped Pakistan address its infrastructure and electricity needs.

There are also expectations that this project will also transform Pakistan’s industrial, IT and agriculture sectors.

There is a dire need to remove all the bottlenecks in the way of Chinese investment in the SEZs.

Our public and private sector organizations need to enhance the level of engagement with their Chinese counterparts to attract investment in these zones which are of pivotal importance to take the country towards self-reliance and create job opportunities for the youth.

We also need to a learn a lot from the Chinese experience to uplift the agriculture sector for enhanced production.

Cooperation in these vital areas will further bring the peoples of two countries close to each other and further strengthen their bonds.


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