Chaotic scenes at Punjab Assembly



FOLLOWING weeks of political turbulence in Punjab, Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi won the much-hyped vote of confidence amid ruckus and opposition’s boycott in the early hours of Thursday.

A matter which should have been concluded in an amicable manner as per the rules and regulations, we once again saw the ugly politics at its full display at the provincial assembly with lawmakers resorting to ransacking in frustration and shouting slogans to antagonize their opponents.

We also do not see the end of this political drama in Punjab any time soon as the opposition has alleged manipulation in vote counting and we believe this matter is again likely to go to Lahore High Court.

Anyway, the very behaviour and conduct of our politicians are triggering desperation amongst the people.

There is a general impression about the politicians that they only care for their petty political interests rather than working to address the problems faced by the common man.

This path of political radicalism and polarization is really dangerous and if the political leaders did not correct their demeanour, the consequences could be worse.

It will not be wrong to say that our politicians have not learnt any lesson from the follies of the past as they continue to repeat the same again and again.

It is really important to respect the mandate of each other if we really want to move forward on the democratic path.

According to a latest report by World Economic Forum, rapid inflation is amongst the major risks faced by Pakistan and the unavailability of basic necessities can further stoke social and political instability.

Already the people are faced with serious wheat shortage and its price is also touching record levels which is beyond their reach.

It is not time for wrangling rather than of sitting together to sort out the issues with consensus. Better sense must prevail to take the matters in the right direction.