Chaman border reopened after 8 days

Chaman border

Quetta: Pakistan on Monday reopened its Chaman border with Afghanistan, which remained closed for eight days after a terrorist incident.

On November 13, an armed suspect from the Afghan side opened fire on Pakistani security personnel at the “Friendship Gate”, resulting in the martyrdom of one FC soldier, while two others sustained injuries.

The trade between the two nei­ghbo­u­ring countries was hampered after the incident, which resulted in a shortage of tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables in Balochistan.

Chaman Deputy Co­m­missioner Abdul Hameed Zehri said: “The border has been reopened after successful negotiations with the Afghan authorities with some conditions.”

Afghan officials showed regret over the matter and assured the Pakistani government that the person involved in the firing would be arrested and dealt with according to the law.

Citizens of both countries struck on either side and were allowed to cross the border after the negotiations.

Chaman border closed for ‘indefinite period’ after clashes

Afghan officials said that no matter what happened between the two countries, nobody would be allowed to spoil the peace.

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