Chairman JKSM demands probe into Hyderpora killing


Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement (JKSM) in a statement issued here in Islamabad today said that Modi led BJP Government of India is using all ill tactics to subdue the people of Kash-mir and to punish them for demanding Right to Self Determination.

Chairman JKSM also prayed for the 5 innocents who were brutally killed in Cold blood by Indian Occupational Forces yesterday in Hyderpora, Srina-gar.

Bhat added that, Freedom is the destiny of the epeople of Kashmir, the sacrifices of our people will never go in vain and Indian barbarism and occupa-tion will come to an end.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat while emphasising on the role of International organizations meant to main-tain peace and stability in the world through peace-ful and democratic means said that, Its unfortunate that since the establishemnt of UN and other rogani-zations Kashmir issue is still pending, world powers and developed countries must intervene and make India start demilitarisation and the process of Plebi-scite in IIOJ&K.

Chairman JKSM reiterated Freedom is the basic human right, and no country has the right to occupy and unleash reign of terror upon other human be-ings. Kashmiris are struggling to grt rid of Indian occupation since 1947, but Indian negation to start the process of dialogue and accept UN Resolutions is the biggest Hurdle.

He also demanded a high-level probe by Inter-national war Tribunal into the unabated killings in custody and fake encounters by Modi regime in a bid to implement its dirty plan of ethnic cleansing in the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat also urged the United Na-tions Human Rights Council and Amnesty interna-tional, Human Rights Watch, international Commit-tee of Red Cross to visit Indian occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir to investigate the innocent killings at the hands of Indian occupation forces.—PR

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