Centre withholds KP funds especially tribal districts: CM


Over 200 Village and neighborhood Council Chairmen have announced joining Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf from Hazara and Southern Regions of the province in addition to expressing firm conviction to support the Chairman Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan in his upcoming Azadi March.

In a grand joining ceremony held here at the Chief Ministers House, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said that all opposition parties of PDM are being left alone by Pakistani citizens and soon all of the imported and corrupt political leaders will be wiped out from the political landscape of Pakistan. The Chief Minister lamented that the current Federal Cabinet has withheld funds of the provincial government especially the developmental budget of Erstwhile FATA.

Mahmood Khan expressed firm conviction that the provincial government will use every mean possible to get its due share from the federal government adding that the indifferent attitude and political victimization of the federal government is not acceptable and is tantamount to promoting discrimination among the provinces. Like wise, the Chief Minister said, the federal government has withheld the budget of Sehat Insaf Card for the people of Ex FATA which is sheer discrimination and cannot be left unchecked. Touching on the local government reforms, the Chief Minister stated that door step facilities and services can only be ensured through devolution of powers which is only possible through free and fair Local Bodies election.

He clarified that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the only province that has ensured devolution of powers to local bodies in its Local Government Act whereas in the remaining provinces, powers have been retained at higher levels and local govt representatives have been left powerless.

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