Centre tops in PCP complaints resolution



Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday was presented a report on the resolution of complaints registered through Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP), depicting the federal government standing on top and the Sindh government at the lowest.
According to the report, the ministries and the departments functioning under the federal government had resolved above 364,000 complaints which made around 89 percent of the total complaints received through the portal. However, the Sindh province lagged behind all the federating units concerning the resolution of the complaints registered by the common citizens.
Out of around 37,000 complaints forwarded to various departments of the Sindh government, more or less 32,000 were yet unresolved leaving the province with the highest backlog of unresolved complaints. Other than the resolution of complaints, the Pakistan Peoples’ Party-led province also stood at the lowest in the public feedback with the highest number of the complainants showing their dissatisfaction to the response by the departments concerned.—APP

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