CDT centers planned for border areas: MoPH


The acting Minister of Public Health (MoPH) at a press conference on Tuesday said there is a need to establish health centers to prevent the spread of contagious diseases in the country.

The acting Minister of Health Qalindar Ibad also said that Iran will support a cancer center in the country. Ibad made the remarks after a visit to Iran.

“In all the bordering points, from where the people enter Afghanistan, we will have laboratories and quarantine areas, vaccines and also professionals,” he said.

Ibad said that the two hospitals which are supported by Iran will soon be active and one of them will be dedicated to cancer.

“Iran has made two hospitals– in Bamyan and in the Afshar area of Kabul–which are unfortunately not active yet. We have worked in this area so that we can start services to the people,” Ibad said.

He said that Iran pledged to provide all necessary education facilities for Afghan doctors.

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