CDA’s operation against encroachments continues, illegal constructions demolished


Zubair Qureshi

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has demolished various illegal structures as part of the enforcement directorate’s operation against encroachments.
According to a statement, CDA staff carried out a large operation in Tarlai to remove permanent and temporary encroachments.
Three trucks of goods were also seized after structures were demolished, and the food items were handed over to Pakistan Sweet Home.
A structure in Bari Imam, a room in Muslim Colony and two under-construction rooms were also demolished. Three walls of a structure in Bari Imam were demolished, as were a barrier in F-7/1 and a fruit stall in F-11/3.
A home was also demolished in I-11/2 and possession of the land on which it was built was given to the allottee. Encroachments along I.J. Principal Road was also demolished and goods were deposited in the CDA’s store.
A wall built on government land at Dhobi Ghat in G-7 was demolished, while encroachments in the vicinity of Shifa Hospital in H-8 were removed and confiscated equipment was sent to the store.
In G-8 and G-9, three walls and a room in Muslim Colony, in Bari Imam, were demolished. The capital administration and police assisted the CDA in the operation.
Meanwhile, the operations of CDA Enforcement Directorate against illegal constructions and encroachments are underway in Islamabad.
According to a statement, the staff of the CDA’s Enforcement Directorate conducted a large-scale operation in the area of P&V Scheme Tarlai to eliminate temporary and permanent encroachments, where three trucks of goods were seized from the area after demolition of structures.
The food items were handed over to Pakistan Sweet Home. In addition to demolishing the illegal four walls in the Bari Imam area, a room built in the Muslim Colony and two rooms under construction were also demolished.
Three illegally constructed walls in the Bari Imam area were also demolished. In addition, the illegal barrier in Sector F-7/1 of Islamabad, the fruit stall in Sector F-11/4 were also demolished while three illegally constructed rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom were demolished on the plot in Sector I-11/2. The possession of the subject plot was handed over to allottee.
The operation was carried out against encroachments along IJP Road and the goods were deposited in the CDA store in addition to demolishing the structures.
A wall built on government land at Dhobi Ghat in Sector G-7/1 has been demolished. Encroachments in the vicinity of Shifa Hospital in Sector H-8 have been removed and confiscated equipment has been sent to store. Similarly, in Sector G-8 and G-9, apart from a full-scale operation against encroachments, three illegally constructed walls and a room in the Muslim Colony area of Bari Imam have been demolished. Along with the Enforcement Directorate, the district administration of Islamabad and Islamabad police also took part in the operation and provided full support.

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