CDA set to develop new residential sectors starting with E-12 PC-I worth Rs6630.2m for sector’s development approved


Zubair Qureshi

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is moving ahead consistently to cater to the housing needs in the federal capital and for this purpose, development work in long neglected residential sectors is being initiated starting with E-12,
According to an official handout, E-12 is one such residential sector which CDA launched several years back but failed to develop.
Recently, the authority has opened technical bids to start development works in the sector. According to the statement, CDA invited bids under Single Stage Two Envelope procedure from the firms for carrying out development works in sub-sector E-12/2 and E-12/3 of sector E-12.
The bids were invited separately for both sub-sectors. In response to the advertisement, 12 firms submitted their bids for sub-sector E-12/3 while 10 firms submitted their bids for development works in sector E-12/2.
The technical bids will be evaluated by a committee headed by Director General Works. The financial bids of technically qualified firms will be opened after evaluation of technical bids. After opening of financial bids development works will be awarded to the lowest bidder.
Development work in both sub sectors would be carried out simultaneously by different firms so that development work in both sub-sectors could be completed effectively. Under this project, road infrastructure, water supply system, sewerage system and other civic amenities will be provided in sub-sector E-12/2 and E-12/3.
In the meanwhile, work on construction of service road (north) is also being carried out at fast pace. The construction of service road will be completed with cost Rs. 97.107 million.
Moreover, CDA-DWP has already approved PC-I amounting to Rs.6630.2 million for carrying out development of entire sector E-12.

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