CCPO goes on leave after audio clip controversy


Lahore Capital City Police (CCPO) Omar Sheikh has “reportedly” gone on three-day leave after suffering from some health complications.
According to details, Lahore Police Chief Omar Sheikh’s health suddenly deteriorated. As his condition deteriorated, the CCPO took a three-day leave from the Punjab IG Police.
An audio of CCPO using “vulgar language” has gone viral, in which he was abusing a justice-seeking woman. According to the woman named Naila, she approached the CCPO for justice against those who vandalize her house and detained her husband.
The audio clip surfaced on Tuesday in which the CCPO Lahore allegedly abused a woman named Naila. She had filed a complaint against Chowki In-charge Adda Plot Sub-inspector Haider Ali.
The woman said that her husband was abducted by the Raiwind Police and registered a fake case against him. She alleged that the SI wanted to sell her house so that she could pay Rs2 million to him. The woman, however, submitted an application with the Women’s Police Station Race Course for registration of a case against the CCPO.
The woman said that the CCPO used abusive language instead of addressing her problem. According to text of the application, CCPO Omar Sheikh has committed 25D and 506 offenses besides his rude and abusive language has damaged self-esteem in the society.
It is to be noted that the CCP has already stirred controversies through his statement in the motorway rape case and. When the applicant contacted the Muharar Race Course Women’s Police Station about what action has been initiated on her application. The Muharar replied to the victim, Naila, that the application is being processed by contacting the officers concerned.
“The officers are being contacted and asked about the request. You will be informed after orders received from the officers”, the police officer told the woman.

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