‘Carrying out uplift work without Centre’s support’


Barrister MurtazaWahab, Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Law, Environment, Climate Change, and Coastal Development, has said that Sindh Province is not among the priorities of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The Sindh Government is carrying out development work by its resources. Even in his election constituency of Karachi, all uplift work is being carried out by the Sindh Government.

Opposition parties in Sindh have made a wrong tradition of protest. Those who have verbally objected to the budget have not submitted cut motions in the assembly, which shows their level of seriousness.

If the opposition is sincere with Sindh, then protest over water, gas, and census should have been lodged by them at the assembly floor.”

He expressed these views while addressing a news conference at Sindh Assembly Committee Room on Friday.

Wahab further said that the Sindh Assembly has unanimously approved the budget for the new financial year. The budget was approved as per its schedule.

The Speaker consulted with all the parliamentary parties and a people-friendly budget was approved.

He said that the aspirations of our critics who had been readying formal dresses for many days have been thwarted because their allies did not support them.

He said that every parliamentary party has the right to take part in budget debates. It was decided that every member would discuss the budget in a partisan manner but unfortunately, an attempt was made to spoil the atmosphere of the Assembly and such an atmosphere has been seen since 2018.

If any member of the opposition speaks, no member of the PPP has intervened, but when a member of the PPP speaks, unwarranted interference is made.

Parliamentary traditions are repeatedly violated. Whistling in the House is not a parliamentary tradition.

Wahab said that 21 out of 28 members of PTI have spoken for more than four hours. Eleven members of GDA have spoken for two hours and 31 minutes. “If we had objected to your statement, you would not have been able to speak.

Given that they are very fond of taking tuition from their mentors, the most important thing to object to the budget is the cut movement, but they are such worthy opposition leaders and members that they did not do this important work. It is proof that the opposition agrees to our budget.”

Wahab asked members of the opposition, especially the MQM if they disagreed on the fact that Rs2 billion was set aside for the Karachi Trauma Center and Rs7 billion for the SIUT.

Is it wrong to give Rs8 billion to primary health centers? Is it wrong to allocate funds for Gambat Hospital?  Where people from other provinces and cities come for treatment, it is wrong to give Rs50 crore to NIBD.

You run the business with donations, but the Sindh Government runs the institutions itself. The NICVD, which has units all over Sindh, we gave funds to it.

He said that if the opposition leader Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh did not deliver a speech, then the Leader of the House also did not do so.


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