Capital worn flowery look with onset of spring season


With the onset of the spring season, the capital city has worn a flowery look to celebrate the joyous colorful season associated with the blooming flowers, pleasant breeze and reinvigoration.

Spring is the time of new beginnings, characterized by blooming flowers, the awakening of animals from hibernation to nest and reproduce, the migration of birds towards warmer climates, and is the planting season too.,

Like other parts of the country, a number of activities including Jashan-e-Baharan festivals, flower and birds show and family galas are arranged in the federal capital to welcome the onset of the spring season and for a long these festivals have become an important feature in the calendar.

Different educational and cultural institutions, as well as the city administration of the federal capital, have started arranging different colourful activities to mark the beginning of the spring season after passing off the chilly winter season.

According to weather experts, the duration of the spring season has been reduced due to climatic changes affecting globally like in Pakistan.

Spring is a season which has an emotional value also due to which the literature of all languages especially Urdu describes this season in unique and captivating ways. Traditionally in literature spring is the symbol of love, joy, spirituality, melancholy.