Calls for ‘political ceasefire’ in calamity situation



Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Raza Rabbani on Tuesday called for a ‘political ceasefire’ owing to the calamitous situation caused by devastating floods.

Raza Rabbani, former chairman of the Senate and a seasoned parliamentarian, in a statement said that the floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan and people facing hardships owing to floodwater standing in large parts of the country.

He suggested a ‘political ceasefire’ for three to four months in this situation of national calamity. “We are required national solidarity, it won’t be bad if a political truce comes into force,” he suggested.

Commenting on Kalabagh Dam, Rabbani said that the Senate and provincial assemblies have rejected this project, other schemes of water reservoirs can be worked out.

“It is unnecessary to discuss divisive issues that divide the country and the nation,” he said.—Staff Reporter

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