Cabinet’s plan against price hike


FEDERAL Cabinet at its meeting on Tuesday reportedly approved a comprehensive plan to overcome price hike and shortage of food items. Addressing the meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he is personally monitoring the situation whilst Information Minister Shibli Faraz whilst talking to the media post cabinet meeting was confident that the prices of commodities will sharply fall in the coming days.
Indeed the government is under tremendous pressure because of the soaring prices of essential commodities and it will have to act and act decisively now to check them. It is not only the wheat and sugar prices but prices of other items ranging from vegetables to pulses and poultry are also witnessing a skyrocketing trend. Currently there appears to be no check and balance. Profiteers and hoarders are minting money whilst the government so far has appeared to be helpless. Whatever the government’s plan is, it must be implemented in letter and spirit to make its presence felt. Mere lip service or big statements will not provide any relief to the people or help the PTI government maintain the trust and confidence of the common man. The fact of the matter is that the situation will not improve until and unless the district administration is not activated. Firstly, any impediments in the way of supply chain be removed. Then the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners should be held accountable and responsible if they fail to control the prices. A large scale crackdown be launched against the hoarders and profiteers without any discrimination. These elements rather be brought before the media and then given punishment as per the law so that nobody in future could rob the pockets of poor consumers. The top government functionaries must understand that they can better face the onslaught and protests of the opposition parties by maintaining the confidence of the masses and providing them relief in whatever manner they could. The prices will also automatically come down if input costs of the industries are reduced by providing them relief in power and gas tariff. Succour should be provided to the fixed income groups in the form of increase in their salary and pension.

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