Cabinet members get pay raise



Staff Reporter

The Punjab government has made a phenomenal increase in the salaries of its ministers, advisors, parliamentary secretaries, amounting to Rs22.1 million accumulatively.

According to a private TV channel, the government has increased the House rent and utility allowances by Rs0.1m to 0.7m for ministers, advisors and parliamentary secretaries.

According to the revised allowances, Punjab government will now spend Rs2.5 million annually on salary and allowances.

The basic salary of ministers has been increased up to Rs5.5m and the basic salary of parliamentary secretaries up to Rs 4.5m overall.

Ministers, advisers and parliamentary secretaries will be allowed to make phone calls up to Rs10 million overall.

It is pertinent to note that the allowances of petrol, and other expenses are separate from the revised allowances for the minister, parliamentary secretaries and advisors.

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