Bystanders flee with Rs3lac during robbery bid


Some bystanders bolted with Rs300,000 after Rs 1 million fell across the road amid a robbery bid at Nagin Chorangi area of Karachi. One man died after hitting his head on the footpath, and Rs700,000 was recovered by the police.

According to the police, the incident took place when a citizen named Haneef, along with a friend, left a local bank with Rs1 million.

Two robbers followed Hanif on a bike, pointed a gun at him and ordered him to stop.But, Hanif sped up the bike as he saw the robbers.

Police told that the robbers kicked Hanif’s bike in order to stop him, at which Hanif and his friend fell down. Hanif hit his head on the footpath and died on the spot.The Rs 1 million fell across the road as Hanif and his friend fell from the bike. After which some bystanders ran away with Rs300,000, the police told.

The remaining Rs700,000 were recovered by the police as the robbers fled the scene after Hanif and his friend fell from their bike. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.


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