Buzdar to open Orange Train for public on October 26


Amraiz Khan


The Metro Orange Train project will be formally launched to the public on October 26 and will be inaugurated by the Punjab Chief Minister on October 25. Civil, mechanical and electrical work on the Orange train was completed. The LDA issued a certificate of completion to the Orange Train administration. Certificate of completion of train stations, upgrade work has also been issued. The LDA has been given the responsibility of repairing the Orange Train track for the next 3 years.
On the other hand, it has been decided to run the Orange Line Metro train on solar. Provincial Minister for Transport Jahanzeb Khan Kachchi says the responsibility for running the Orange Line Metro train on solar will be given to a Chinese company. According to the Transport Minister, the electricity cost of the Orange Line Metro train will be reviewed in six months.
Jahanzeb Khan Kachhi expressed the possibility that the annual cost of electricity for the Orange Line Metro train would be Rs 2 billion. Running the Orange Line Metro train on solar will save electricity as well as reduce costs. The Minister for Transport said that our job is to provide the best possible transport facilities to the people.

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