British-Pakistani woman Shaista Gohir appointed to House of Lords

Shaista Gohir

London: A prominent British-Pakistani women’s rights activist, Shaista Gohir, has been appointed as a non-party political peer to the House of Lords.

Shaista Gohir’s appointment to the House of Lords came after the approval of the UK Prime Minister and the Queen.

Her likely title will be the Baroness of Hall Green, reflecting her close connection to the area – though that is yet to be formally confirmed.

Shaista Gohir welcomed her appointment and described it as a “huge honour”.

Shaista has been recognised as one of the most influential Muslim women in Britain, ensuring the lived experiences of her peers inform policymaking. Her achievements include successfully challenging the Foreign Office policy on charging repatriation fees to 16 and 17-year-old forced marriage victims.

She is currently waiting to be assigned her title. Hall Green is likely to feature.

“I have been living in Hall Green for over 20 years, and though my charity was originally based in Digbeth, I moved it to Hall Green, so it feels right,” she said.

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