Boy attacked by pet lion in Karachi


A video of a boy being attacked by a pet lion in the Federal B Area of Karachi has gone viral on social media.

The lion’s owner is seen standing with the animal in Block 11 of the Federal B district, according to the obtained CCTV footage.

The child was walking next to the animal when it unexpectedly struck him.

Police, on the other side, state the incident occurred at 11:53 p.m. on May 14, and that they would file a complaint against the lion’s owner until he is apprehended.

According to the authorities, they also obtained reports that the lion’s owner and the wounded child have reached an agreement. They went on to say that the boy had been rushed to a private facility and that his life was no longer at risk.

The lion’s owner, according to reports, did not have a permit to hold the cub.

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