Bondmaids serving PML-N by criticizing PTI: Rana Akthar



Staff Reporter

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Central Punjab deputy secretary information Rana Akthar Hussain has said that it’s the duty and job of monthly paid employees like Maryam Aurangzeb and Uzma Bukhari to criticize PTI.

“PML-N leadership is behind the land grabbers and land mafia in Punjab and its leadership also raising voice against action against these land grabbers. The PTI government will continue the operation till last member of the mafias exist”, he declared.

He said that February will pass like January and then Senate elections will take place as usual in March but the PDM will not be able to dent the government despite its tall claims. “These corrupt and liars who were about to resign in January will keep on taking U-turns till 2023”, Rana Akhtar claimed.

The PTI leader said that even PM Imran Khan opponents knew that Imran Khan never gets frightened and blackmailed by any person or party. “PM Khan is leader who knows how to fight and he is struggling for welfare of nation for a long time and nowadays he is working day and night for provision of better health, education and other facilities to the masses.” The parties in the umbrella alliance of PDM are unable to absorb this success, he said, adding that the PML-N spokesperson must be ashamed for criticizing current govt. as their party is responsible for the corruption and other issues in the country. He said that Insha Allah very soon, the PML-N leadership and its allies will be held accountable for their past deeds.

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