PM Khan makes history by contact with masses: Firdous Says former rulers looted public resources mercilessly and failed to resolve public woes



Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that Pakistan has witnessed a historic moment as Prime Minister Imran Khan has set a new precedent by answering people’s questions and resolving their problems directly on phone calls.

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the former rulers looted the public resources mercilessly and were also reluctant to resolve the people’s problems adding that Imran Khan has rectified the shortcomings of previous regimes and put the country on the road to progress. She said the threats of resignations and rallies proved false as the sun of January 31st has set and the aspirations of PDM and the fake princess have ended in a fiasco.

The SACM said that Imran Khan stands firm like a solid rock against the corrupt mafias and the era of looting and plundering will never come back and under the leadership of Imran Khan Pakistan will find its true destination. The hue and cry of insensitive PDM will be of no use as many of their deadlines will face the same fate, she said. Dr Firdous said the opposition would not be successful in its undemocratic moves. Imran Khan will continue to serve the country till long and the efforts of the opposition to derail the democratic process will prove futile, concluded the SACM. MASSES REJECTED ANTI-DEVELOPMENT AGENDA Punjab Minister for Industries & Trade Mian Aslam Iqbal has said the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is going to fall apart as the people have rejected the conspiracies and the anti-development agenda of the opposition.

While addressing a gathering of party workers at his camp office in Lahore on Monday, he regretted the PML-N and PPP did nothing except compounding the deprivations of the people. He said both the parties bankrupted the country by laundering the resources abroad. The people have given a strong message to the looters that they are not concerned with the negative politics of the opposition, he added.
Aslam Iqbal said that the two political families continuously deceived the people for four decades. Now, the leadership of PDM is disappointed and those demanding resignation of the PM are hiding their faces in shame as their deadline has already passed, he added.

He said that the posse of the corrupt made a dacoity on the rights of the common man and the nation can’t forget the role of two ultra-rich families in promotion of corruption in the country. The cabal of the corrupt has resorted to enmity with the people as the voters rejected the corrupt in 2018, he maintained.

The provincial minister that PM Imran Khan is committed to purge the country of corruption and it is sanguine that the big fish has been netted in the accountability process. The government will proceed with its efforts against corruption to the logical end and every looter will have to be answerable for its misdeeds, he concluded.

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