Blood donation scarcity risking Thalassaemia kids’ lives


In wake of Covid-19 and hesitation of blood donation from the public in Ramazan, shortage of its bags was risking lives of patients specially Thalassemia kids for whom it was just like rationing.

Regional Blood Centre Manager, Mohsin Abbas, told APP that they used to collect upto 350 blood bags from the donations in Ramazan on average but this time the average was much lower and they were able to stockpile just five to seven bags daily.

“We will hardly arrange 150-200 bags this month keeping in the daily average. During day timings, we cannot carry out any activity for blood donation as people keep fast.

Markets, malls etc are closed at 6pm due to coronavirus restrictions. Therefore, we go to mosques with an appeal for donation.’

he informed. Normally, youth was motivated and donates blood whereas citizens avoid donating apprehending that it might weaken them in the holy month, Mr Mohsin said and added that the mortality rate of Thalassemia patients goes up due to this paucity.

“For Thalassemia patients, transfusion is just like rationing as we donate to the poor and needy.

Neither we could refuse ‘human dependent medicine’ to them nor to patients who reach Nishtar Hospital Emergency ward with heavy bleeding.”

he maintained. Replying to a question, Mr Abbas said that the regional blood center was in liaison with Dawat-e-Islami which would camp for amassing blood on April 30 in Multan adding that they were hoping to have good response from the citizens in this connection.

He appealed to the public to donate blood for saving the lives of Thalassemia kids. Dr Azeem Sobhani, an officer at Children Complex Blood Center informed that donation of blood had lowered owing to global pandemic for the last one year.—APP

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