Blessings and warnings of Allah | By Malik M Aslam Awan 


Blessings and warnings of Allah 

RECOUNTING His blessings upon humanity, the Allah Almighty had warned the humanity that he had blessed several nations with too much physical strength and they were given ample opportunity to come back to the path of Allah but they remained adamant to the warnings of Allah Almighty and ridiculed the Allah’s message conveyed to them by the then messengers Prophet Hazrat Dawood (AS), Hazrat Houd (AS) Hazrat Nooh (AS) Hazrat Saleh (AS).

All the aforesaid nations were so arrogant and shorn of vision that they continued betraying and flouting the injunctions of Allah.

These nations were warned several times and when it became crystal clear that they would not return to the path of Allah they were abolished from the earth within seconds.

Allah Almighty had asked (in Quran) if you come back to me then what would had by punishing you.

The sad incident of Karbla is a glowing testimony and ample proof of growing human lust for power.

Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) offered the sacrifices of his whole family even the youngest ones and stood like a rock to uphold the message of the Allah Almighty, even he was mercilessly slain on 10 Muharram.

He upheld the banner of truth and Allah till his last breath.

It was a glaring defeat of Yazeed and his forces and brilliant success of Hussain (RA) in this world and the world hereafter.

Modern age is the age of wonders and scientific miracles. Vision of the nation is spreading fast to envelop rapidly every sphere of human life, but rapidly making people shorn of ethics and religious values.

A nation shorn of ethics is not a nation but constitute a horde to live like animals and react like deaf and dumb.

Precisely defining that horde – people living in forest like animals, ethics do not apply on animals, as they have no vision like human beings.

It is human psychology that man is not contended with that he has in hand but striving hard for more which is beyond his reach.

The Allah Almighty had defined this human trend with illustrious example, “if a man is gifted with a golden valley, he will desire for one more Valley of Gold”.

Human trend of having more and more disseminate feuds amongst people, feuds grow vast with the passage of time and state of anarchy takes place.

Wrong things erupt as pent up matter. When nations constantly defy Divine injunctions floods, earthquakes, epidemics occur constantly to annihilate humanity.

Here we would find a confirmed principle of nature so long as there is a group of people to preach and motivate people to abstain from vices and betrayal from the Allah Almighty, no epidemic no earth quack, no flood occur but where defiance grow long and people become habitual to act upon evils, the wrath of the Allah Almighty occurs suddenly and fast moving civilization crash down to the ground within seconds.

Floods, earthquakes epidemics are warnings from the Creator to make people realize that they must abstain from vicious habits that have been forbidden by the Allah Almighty, these warnings connote that wrath of Allah will be more violent and encompass the whole humanity, or most part of the civilization and there may remain a few people to make the remaining race to multiply, to become again a nation, so a series of annihilations have occurred on this planet as memorable events.

Quom-e-Loot (AS) Quom-e-Hood (AS) Quom-e-Aad, Quom-e-Samood and others mentioned in Holy Quran, to make the people realize that they must come under the wrath of the Allah Almighty, in case of betrayal from the injunctions of the Almighty Allah.

Wrangling for power is, also, an indication from the series of annihilation events. The Allah Almighty had warned the people that when they become incorrigible, He sends calamities and catches the nations beneath their feet erupting floods, earthquakes.

Warnings of Allah connote and make the people realize amply that they must rise up to hold fast the rope of Allah, to save themselves from wrath of His floods, tornados, hurricanes deluges, earthquakes are symptoms of the occurrence of a large-scale annihilations.

The Allah Almighty provided enough time to come back to his path, when people remain deeply indulged in evils, then the wrath of the Creator falls upon them.

Let’s hold tightly the rope of the Allah Almighty to save us from His wrath. Neither its can be predicted, nor prevention measures can be adopted to escape calamities, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods or any unseen horrible tsunami, which can whisk away high-rising buildings within minutes.

The whole humanity is under an unseen pressure of being annihilated within seconds. Our political pundits have entangled themselves in un-ending desires.

America, Britain and other European countries are enjoying the fruits of democracy but the same democracy is a curse in Pakistan.

Even democracy is exemplary successful in India but in Pakistan democracy is our misfortune.

Truly speaking and defining democracy has been misinterpreted and implemented in wrong spirit.

The 1973 Constitution has defined democracy in its true and genuine spirit but our vision in creating ambiguity is unparalleled, selfish minds explore ways to use democracy to establish their hegemony over the masses.

Once by hook or by crook someone comes to power he works against the interests of general masses, who trusted him and entrusted the reins in his hands.

No one is interested in devising long-term measures for the welfare of the masses.

Let’s have the guts to offer sacrifices like Hussain (RA) to uphold the truth, the injunctions of Allah Almighty and banner of Islam. Can we dare and have courage?

—The writer is author of English Book on current affairs and independent analyst based at Islamabad.


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