BISP introducing new payment mechanism: Shazia



Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety/Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Ms.Shazia Marri has announced the introduction of a new payment mechanism of disbursement to BISP beneficiaries by giving them an option to receive money in the bank accounts of their choice.

Initially, the mechanism will be introduced as pilot in some districts which will be gradually extended to whole of the country.Federal Minister/Chairperson BISP was addressing a press conference at Karachi, today. Secretary BISP Mr. Yusuf Khan, DGs of NSER & Cash Transfer Mr. Naveed Akbar and Mr Noor Rehman Khan were also present in the press conference.Ms. Shazia Marri said that since its inception, BISP has experienced various mechanisms, like, Money Order through Pakistan Post, Smart Debt Card, Mobile Phone Banking and currently using the Bio-metric Verification System (BVS). She added that current payment system has limited opportunities for beneficiaries under which they save their money

, also there were complaints of deductions by Pause Agents. She said that in order to make the payment system more beneficiary centric, BISP had series of meetings with the State Bank and other commercial banks, and as a result of last 3-4 months exercise, BISP is now launching a pilot project of a new payment system. She said that this will empower these women, also that these women will receive their funds without standing in queues, and in a dignified manner, and at the same time this will help to maintain transparency.