Bioelectricity of knowledge activates bioenergy of human brain | By Prof Anees Akhtar, UK


Bioelectricity of knowledge activates bioenergy of human brain

THE knowledge preserved in the form of books, arts and films contains the quantum particles like energy in their words that have the capability of transformation, growth and development of human body and brain.

When our intelligence thoughts waves perceive the words of knowledge into our brain five senses.

These intelligence waves of thoughts, then become part of human electrical, magnetic and chemical systems.

The power of words contains in it quantum particles like intensity of bioelectricity of knowledge.

After perceiving and sinking into human body and mind, it becomes the vital part of ongoing metabolic and oxidative pathways that are already active in the living systems through the ATP or bioenergy produced by these oxidative and metabolic pathways in living cells.

When we read big coherent structures of words articulated and organized in the form of knowledge, it could either suppress or inactivate the chemical reaction that are ongoing in the form of chemical pathways in human body.

In this way this bioelectricity acquired from knowledge becomes a part of body or brain bioenergy, which has capability of rejuvenating, repairing and development of human cellular organ system.

Along with maintaining homeostasis and metabolism, it could also act as a filter for sympathetic nervous system which could hold positive emotions and filter out all negative ones from our parasympathetic nervous system.

This emotion filter system in human parasynthetic nervous system could help the humans to develop a positive or negative judgment for their life missions and purposes.

In this way this bioelectricity triggered by powerful knowledge could maintain our body, brain and soul in balance, harmony and coherent with society and universe.

This bioelectricity contains in it a divine energy of knowledge which could contribute in development of our personality into a positive, honest, wise and noble one.

As human body needed to maintain a powerhouse of bioenergy or ATP to run the life processes of oxidation homeostasis and metabolism.

For this purpose, humans need to take in solid food, water and oxygen.After their digestion, absorption and metabolism these food particles could be converted into charged ions of atoms and molecules in cells.

This bioenergy in the form of ions, when depolarized by drugs or bioelectricity of knowledge, it could take part in human body or cellular development and rejuvenation.

This intellectual energy which is a form of bioenergy, differentiates an educated man from an animal, which is a strong proof of effectiveness of knowledge energy.

In this way this knowledge energy along with bioenergy of cells takes part in development and growth of human body and brain.

It is a best proof of bioenergy affecting our behaviour and making us civilized human beings.

Our hearts and brains are run by low levels of these electric charges. Our one hundred trillion cells conduct this electrical charge across the membrane.

This electrical charge helps in communication between these cells which helps them make decisions to grow and develop.

To measure this electrical current or bioelectricity in human brain, various devices like ECG, EEG, EEM are used to measure the conditions of heart and brain.

These devices are used to measure the rhythm and balance in heart beat and brain’s motor functioning.

So, the conditions of these organs are diagnosed on the basis of flow of the current across heart and brain.

This flow of electric current in the brain is also a form of thought waves and hunches in brain.

So when this bioelectricity becomes a part of bioenergy of cells during metabolic and oxidative pathways, it triggers and speeds up the good chemical, biological and cellular signalling pathways.

Further research in bioelectricity will advance the cure of diseases and infections by enhancing electrical communication between affected cells.

According to a research study performed by Emily Metahar in 2017, when a tadpole embryo is manipulated with electrical charge, it would get cured of infections by simply speeding up the communication between cells affected by bacterial infections.

Similarly, neurons in the brain communicate by using this bioelectric flow between brain cells.

Now, it is a well-known thesis in science literature that body cells and all other intrinsic biological pathways use this bioelectricity current to communicate fast to each other, to facilitate the cellular and body growth and development.

Now in recent studies, it has been found that when living cells or body systems are manipulated by electrical charge or electricity by artificial means of drugs or empowering brain voltage with high dimensional knowledge, this rhythmic flow of bioelectric current either by knowledge or by drugs could help fight infections and cell death or necrosis by cancers.

So, according to Michael Levin, a professor of biology, “the bioelectricity is an amazing new direction in medicine to treat most of the infections and cancers.

” Therefore, according to Prof Levin, “every cell in the living body contains this electrical charge due to charged atoms across the membranes.

So, if we depolarize the cells with drugs with artificial means of drugs or by knowledge voltage in long term, it could help fight infections.

Depolarization or ignition of electrical current within the living cell is also helpful to facilitate the current across cells to communicate for growth and development.

By this communication, the cells make decisions to facilitate growth and development. On the other hand, words energy or bioenergy empower our brain by increasing the neuroplasticity.

When we raise the voltage of mental power by high dimensional knowledge of self-help, spirituality, physics and metaphysics, due to 100 terabytes of information holding capacity of our brain, we have the potential in our mind to absorb the knowledge of 4.8 billion books of different genres.

So, most of our societal, universal, spiritual problems and political conflicts are due to a lack of knowledge about these particular fields.

Most of the psychosomatic illnesses and diseases and antisocial behaviors are due to emptiness of our brain from knowledge.

If we would keep on uploading such a huge creative knowledge of 4.8 billion books in our brain, then very soon the world could be converted into author’s utopia civilization of “Neurocosmic Brain”.

Our curriculum and traditional educational and research systems are unable to resolve the world’s most cutting-edge problems on the planet.

That is why most of the polymaths are emerging again like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, long after the renaissance era – who have bigger minds with multidimensional knowledge of various subjects.

They all have equipped their brains with the knowledge of various subjects, that is why their dynamic perspectives on various global issues have made their brains capable of understanding and figuring out and engineering most of their modern technologies.

World book industries are growing to create more such polymathic brains to lead for other forthcoming brain and space exploration problems on the planet.

Now, most of the academics and experts in educational research are also considering to address the research problems through polymathic ways.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in London.


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