Bilal Maqsood pays homage to Vital Signs

Bilal Maqsood pays homage to Vital Signs

Bilal Maqsood, from Strings, is a committed multi-disciplinary artist, as shown by his frequently updated Instagram account. He paid homage to the famous pop and rock band Vital Signs in his most recent article.

Strings’ popular song ‘Duur,’ from their third album, was mixed with Vital Signs’ classic ‘Tere Liyay,’ from their album ‘Hum Tum.’ He penned, “Duur meets Tere Liyay.”

When Strings first encountered Vital Signs, he remembered how Junaid Jamshed and Rohail Hyatt came up to the studio where Strings was recording their debut album, completely surprising the newcomers. He said, “I remember Junaid and Rohail popped in while we were recording our first album at the EMI Studios in Karachi,” he wrote.


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“We were completely star-struck and couldn’t say much to them but I remember Junaid praised our song ‘Jab Se Tum Ko Mein Ne Dekha Hai’, which he had heard on TV,” he said.

“That was the first time Strings met Vital Signs.”

The fans loved what Maqsood shared. “I wish Instagram didn’t have a one-minute limit,” one wrote, while others straight up requested a full version. Several went on about the memories they have associated with the two iconic bands.

Maqsood’s unplugged take on the two songs was refreshing, and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

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