Big bang and black hole theory in light of Islam


Malik M Aslam Awan

The big bang theory is the widely publicized notion making the world astonished at this miracle. Chronologists take derivations from this theory that the world came into existence without a Creator. They substantiate their theory upon the fallacy that the whole universe was pent up in a dot shortest than the hole in the end of a pin. Due to pent up pressure the dot could not bear up the thrusting power within itself and it burst up echoing in big bang, resultantly bringing the universe into existence. According to their professed theory the whole universe was so hot as to melt everything touching it. With the passage of millions of years the universe including the earth got cold as to have the living creature on it, first in the shape of animals and then to the present developed living. But Islam makes it abundantly clear that human being is the sole will of God Almighty and before the creation of Adam – the first human being – angels were created, the only objective of the angles was to worship Allah Almighty. The creation of universe and humanity is the incarnation of the sole will of Allah Almighty predestined with the day of rewards. Big bang theory finds no rejection even in Islam; rather it is further expatiated in Divine message “the whole universe came into existence with a horrible echo or bang, but with the order of the Creator of the universe”. Denoting the idea of big bang, we have been ordained to make firm and unflinching belief that it is the pre-destined will of the Creator – Almighty Allah. The big bang was not due to the pressure of pent up matter but due to the will of God Almighty to create a universe.
The second theory widely publicized in the world is the Black Hole conception. Scientific discoveries connote the exploration of the myth of the universe. Islam emphatically make the believer move forward and wander on earth to see the secrets of universe. God Almighty has ordered his believers to make their belief on Allah’s miracles stronger by their exploration of universe. When we make a survey of earth, wonders and miracles are opened before our eyes in a thread of sequence. We see one wonder after another to make our belief on Almighty Allah more and more stronger. Miracles and wonders never come to an end, till we cry to our loudest, there is none except Almighty Allah worthy to be worshipped. He is the sole creator of the universe. He is the omnipresent, omnipotent and the omniscient. And the existence of Black Holes may be irrefutable, rather there may be several Black Holes to swallow the whole universe, when there will be the ending point of whole mankind. The world came into existence with a big bang and will, also perish with a bang and may go into the mammoth mouth of Black Hole. Every second every minute every hour and finally the last day of the universe is counted and predestined by the Creator of the universe (Allah Almighty). We must believe that the sky, the galaxy, the earth alongwith countless number of stars, the Black Hole is within the ambit and borders of the universe and according to the injunctions of Allah it is to perish one day.
Atheists are vehemently bent upon to make the world believe that the creation of world is the result of unbearable thrust in a dot and the whole universe is to perish suddenly. Almost one and half billion Muslims of the earth are of the stark and firm belief that the self born theory of the creation of universe is a fabled account and it is based upon atheistic belief. The universe came into existence with the exclusive will of God and it will go to a pre-ordained ending, after which there will be a span of time and after the passage of that long span the every soul will again come into incarnation to be answerable before Allah Almighty for good deeds and malices in his / her life. That day has been named, the day of rewards and punishment. There will be two groups of believers and disbelievers. Believers will be awarded for their good deeds and be punished for bad deeds.
One thing must be kept in mind that one who is shorn of the love of Last Prophet (PBUH) will never be blessed and those hearts and souls filled with the love of Almighty Allah and his Last Prophet (PBUH) will surely be rewarded and crowned with their eternal abode in the Heaven. Hazrat Allama Muhammad Iqbal has warned the Muslims by his verse. The Separation of religion from politics ends in “CHANGAZI” the peak point of barbarity on mankind. Our politics is the game of hegemony finding the ways to the power corridor and in the lust of power we become so callous as to be shorn of all human traits. Principles and humanity don’t count in our ethics, so much so that we separate religion from politics. There is no single notion of power game in Islam. In Islam power means service to humanity. Power is the ways and means to win the hearts of humanity and shower bounties upon mankind and Almighty Allah had blessed us with golden principles to lead a fruitful pious life, entailing great reward in the life hereafter. Unscrupulous life will entail countless worries for one in this and the life hereafter also. Politics if combined with religion is a prayer and devoid of religion is callous as to kill humanity as well as for those who practise it as a lethal tool, pernicious to their own life in the day of rewards.
—The writer is a freelance columnist based in Lahore.