Biden-Putin — sparks a galore | By Tariq Khalil


Biden-Putin — sparks a galore

IN the follow up of Biden Putin meeting one thing is clear there has been tough talk on human rights issues in Russian Federation. It is a Navalny issue which was in the background.

The USA has been accusing Russian Federation that they have been interfering in US elections.

In response Russia has been accusing the USA of supporting anti-government forces to destabilise Putin’s Government, an accusation USA denies. Yet they found some common ground.

Arms treaty is one area. Both sides will continue to discuss the issue. Emily Shervin observed by and large these were productive talks. The outcome both agreed there will be no Cold War.

None want the Cold War to resume in the post pandemic period when economies worldwide have been hit hard. Putin’s talks were constructive.

He indicated no hostility with Biden. Biden retreated cooperation is in mutual interest. Cyber security is another area. Cyber security concerns are for both sides.

There have been cyber attacks in USA and the fingers were being raised towards Russia. Biden desired predictable relationship, stated Phil Mattingly, the White House spokesman.

The talks focused on substantive issues. Putin raised anti-Russian stance of the US Administration. This will cast a shadow on the relationship of two countries, he emphasised.

The issues of Cyber Attacks and Election interference are denied by Russia. Crimea Ukraine also reportedly came up. Russia’s stand is very clear.

This is the outer ring of Russia. There is no major breakthrough for the world, observe David Gergen Former Advisor to four US Presidents. However, the chances are that the two countries will establish sustainable relationships.

Biden is a pragmatic leader and has decades of experience in diplomacy, if the body language of the President is taken as a guide, issues notwithstanding; there is positive movement.

Reportedly, there has been substantive, efficient, useful strategic conversation. The people involved or accused in cyber attacks are charged.

It is observed that the Biden Administration is professional and pragmatic and they are capable of establishing trust. Arms treaty, climate and human right issues will continue to be coming up between two countries.

While the USA thinks, and considers China a threat, Biden’s diplomatic manoeuvring will be to vane away Russia from getting closer to China. It is not likely.

Nevertheless, the world at large sees fault lines already emerging. Cold War or not, the day of US supremacy are waning. Multiple power centres are emerging which are going to cast their shadows on the smaller countries.

In the post pandemic period when economies stand shattered, possibility of immediate hot war is not there unless some unexpected event triggers something.

It will be an economic war, a race to conquer science and technology. Supremacy of space and increase respective sphere of influence.

China already is claiming supremacy in the world. A major challenge indeed. The USA and Russia have internal problems besides post-Covid economic losses. The turmoil in the ME is likely to escalate, war in Yemen will keep both engaged.

And post US withdrawal, Afghanistan seems to be drifting towards a civil war if no solution is arrived at within stakeholders. Bagram Air Base already stands vacated by the USA. Reality is USA forces stand withdrawn.

Taliban has by now seized over 100 districts and Afghan Army is gust melting instead of standing up to fight.

Apparently Blinkin formula has substance to solve post withdrawal issues. Any conflict will again pull neighbouring countries, specifically in refugee problem of greater magnitude. In Regional countries, Kashmir is a flash point.

Status quo can not remain in Kashmir forever. Already Indian war preparations in Kashmir and elsewhere are sounding drums of war.

—The writer, a retired Brigadier, a veteran of 1965, 1971 wars with SJ, SI, and IS Bar Gallantry. A senior Defence and Industry analyst.

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