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It is wake up call for role models

Society is paralyzed, immobilized or procrastinated at its worst when celebrities of the showbiz world, or for that matter, political, social and educational leaders, are blind-folded and dumb-founded on the importance of soul-searching and self-appraisal in personal and practical life.

Imagine the kind of trends set for the society by the so-called trend-setters!
The vicious circle of die-hard ego and self interests overwhelmingly bewitch and bewilder political leadership and showbiz stars bringing positive thinking and progress to a stalemate or standstill.

The net result is round-the-clock flurry of mud-slinging and leg-pulling amid vociferous alarms of helplessness if not a point of no return.

What can be expected of political leadership when mindsets are attuned to and acclimatized with negative thinking? Less said the better.

Here hearts, feelings, thoughts and actions are quietly, unknowingly, helplessly and haplessly working by the leaders against the masses or the followers at large.

Showbiz stars set equally public repulsive examples indeed. One who can read the inside of showbiz stars humbly reveals generally of artificiality in their very looks, eyes, faces, smiles, responses, gestures and postures.

Without naming such showbiz figures and their channels, their sugar-coated expressions are self-explanatory, speak for themselves, amuse but misguide fans for verbosity and artificiality in life.

Masha Allah our esteemed, learned and respectable “Ulema” or religious leaders are enlightening source of inspiration for the public by teaching fellow feeling and mutual respect, by imparting lessons in tolerance and accommodation, with vision and mission of love, peace and justice for humankind, by being role models of purity, piety, selflessness and sacrifice both in letter and in spirit.

True grace, dignity and honour of our teachers, faculty and counsellors at schools, colleges and universities know no bounds.

Being true to their profession they can be best role models and architects of the young nation together with how instrumental parents can be in blossoming kids at home; the cradle of learning! It is here that the first door opens towards a better and brighter Pakistan.


Imapct of racism

Racism can be defined as the belief that individual races of people have distinctive cultural futures that are determined by the hereditary factors and hence make some races inherently superior to the other.

The idea that one race has natural superiority than the other created abusive behaviour towards the members of other races.

Racism is hate towards people simply because of their differences. It is the enemy of freedom and should be washed away from society.

The other day, I noticed an MNA of my city entering the city with a lot of people standing behind him and using an oily tongue in front of him that was the time I realized our society has become a slave of complexes.

Everyone knows here is a lot of the poor and low rank persons but no one gives respect to them.

Why people don’t respect them? They are also the members of our society they deserve a lot of respect but unfortunately city is full of the worst persons who can’t understand the rights of the poor.

Day by day racism spreads apace for that our poor and low rank persons are badly affected as long as we stand by the poor they can enjoy respectful life like others.

We ought to tell about them rights to our nation. Hence, being the member of educated society, we should treat everyone equal because equality is one of the best virtues of any man in general and a Muslim in particular.


is a plague from God

Coronavirus is a plague from God. It is God’s punishment on His people for having sinned. It is mentioned in the Holy Bible.

This has also been foretold by Our Lady of Fatima to the three shepherd children of Portugal on October 13, 1917. “If my people do not turn away from their sins, I will send my wrath upon them”.

We have taken God out of every area of our life and as a result of this, our country is in tumult.

Chronicles 7:14 of the Holy Bible says, “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Today, the world is full of sin and there is no repentance. People are committing one sin after another and there is no repentance. All they keep saying is, “The world is doing it, so what is there if I also do the same.”

They are listening to the devil who is trapping them because he (the devil) wants to take them to hell.

They are listening to the voice of the devil but are not listening to the voice of God who is telling them not to sin.

God’s voice is soft, the devil’s voice is harsh. “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23).
Mumbai, India

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