Biden defends son Hunter ahead of possible federal tax, gun charges



President Joe Biden has stepped forward to defend his son, Hunter Biden, as federal prosecutors ap-proach a decision on possible charges related to tax and firearms violations following a lengthy four-year criminal investigation.

In a recent statement, Biden emphasized his unwavering belief in his son’s innocence: “First of all, my son has done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him.”

The Justice Department’s impending decision on whether to pursue charges against Hunter Biden is a critical development in this case. The potential charges being considered include two misdemeanour counts for failure to file taxes, a felony count of tax evasion tied to a business expense, and a potential felony charge connected to firearms. Hunter Biden has stated that he has since resolved the issues with his delinquent tax filings.

Throughout the investigation, the White House has dismissed allegations made by an IRS special agent seeking whistleblower protection. It has un-derscored that President Biden has not been involved in the case and remains committed to preserving the independence of the Justice Department, refraining from any attempts at political interference.

The outcome of this investigation carries sig-nificant implications for the Biden family, particularly as President Biden pursues his re-election campaign. The scrutiny from Republicans in Congress and former President Donald Trump, who have sought to draw connections between Biden and his son’s international business dealings, adds further intensity to the situation.

Hunter Biden has consistently denied any wrongdoing in the tax case, asserting that his actions have been in accordance with the law and appropriate procedures. —APP