Bid to export extremist ideology Hindutva inspired Indians demonstrate against Pakistanis


A small group of Indian community recently held a demonstration in the United Kingdom to pour their venom against Pakistani community, which the locals denounced as another attempt by the right-wing Hindu groups to attack Muslims all over the world.

The protest was termed as an effort to create Islamophobic atmosphere in the UK which is rapidly growing in India.

The speakers tried to stir sentiments against Pakistani community living in the UK by making announcement to boycott the restaurants run by Pakistanis.

While on the other hand, enlightened Britishers have expressed their serious concerns over the efforts of the Indian government to infuse Hinduvta mindset at home and export it into the British society.

They also blamed neo-Nazi Indian regime of polluting the mindset of peaceful and harmonious societies outside. “This campaign is nothing but a form of prejudice and bigotry against Muslims,”, the British citizens opined.

“This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have heard in my life. So, these Pakistani people come to the UK for a better life to provide for their family, just like Indians, but our Hindu brother are painting it is as a conspiracy to fund and kill Indian soldiers,” another concerned person said. making an issue out of a non-issue because of their hatred.

A recently held mega online international conference titled ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ in the US was the first academic attempt initiated by academia to understand the undercurrents of Hindutva and its impact on western societies including western campuses of renowned universities.

The conference was addressed by speakers from leading universities in the world including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago, and Berkeley.

Over 600 academics across the world attended the online event.

The participants expressed their concerns that Hindutva was becoming a global phenomenon and even the western universities were not safe from its influence propagated by the Indian Hindu students.

The conference highlighted that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was promoting Hindutva.

Motivated by the Nazi ideology, its regulatory principle was to transform India from a secular democracy to a Brahmin state where Muslims, Christians Jews and other religious minorities were demoted to the position of second-class citizens.—APP



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