Best cleanliness to be ensured during Tableeghi Ijtema: LWMC


Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ali Anan Qamar said on Friday that they were fully mobilised to ensure special cleanliness arrangements during the second phase of Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtema.

He said that the LWMC makes special arrangements every year to provide the best environment to the congregation participants, as far as cleanliness is concerned. As per the company plan, pre-congregation arrangements include lifting of waste heaps from the participants’ routes, scraping of roads, water sprinkling on main routes and mechanical sweeping. The LWMC had deputed more than 100 workers in three shifts, who were working day and night to keep the venue and its routes clean.

Furthermore, the LWMC had also installed 10 additional skips and engaged one mechanical sweeper, two loader dumpers, two water boozers and four chain arm rolls to execute cleanliness plan in an efficient way.

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