Bari Imam custodian stresses role in building good society


Custodian of shrine of Bari Imam and president National Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony Pakistan Peer Syed Ali Gillani said that democracy is flourishing in country and Pakistan Tehreek insaf government is playing vital role in its functioning across the country. To achieve any goal in life we have to learn to do sacrifices .as a nation its duty of every citizen to play his positive role in building good atmosphere in society.
Likewise campaign against termination of plastic shopping bags is now a basic need to get rid of its miserable side effects he added
Peer Ali Gillani appealed Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan to direct relevant authorities for proper arrangements of operations against disposal of plastic bags which are being made against traders because many traders suffered damage of their properties due to mishandling in by administration.
Ali Gillani stated that traders are backbone of economy of Pakistan and they all respect the law and want to help government in all aspects
In his statement Ali Gillani praised government policies for betterment of people of Pakistan.—PR