Barbarism on the peak


The savagism in Pakistan has crossed all limits. Due to our evil deeds, we are notorious all over the world. One can gauge indignified behaviour being faced by us at airports other than Pakistan. The situation becomes too much perishing when perpetrators of these actions are our so-called politicians.
Attaur Rehman, Member Punjab Assembly from PP-210 (Lodhran-IV) and a leader of PML-N faces accusations of sexually assaulting a university student in Multan for over 11 months and blackmailing her that he would post her rape video on social media if she did not obey him.
Allegedly succumbing to political influence of the politician, police refused to lodge the complaint despite repeated attempts made by the victim, who is a first-year student of MSCS at the National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBAE) in Multan. Only after court’s intervention, action was being taken against the accused but he has since {reportedly} ran to Dubai.