Baradar stresses on transparency in tax collections



Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the deputy prime minister’s for economy, said during a conference on the country’s support for industries and investment that there is a need to create transparency in the tax collections.

He said the Islamic Emirate will ensure the safety of businessmen and investors and will find solutions to their issues.

“The Islamic Emirate has the duty and responsibility to ensure the security, property, and honor of Afghan businesspeople and investors,” Baradar said.

The second deputy of the Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi, asked businessmen and investors to pay their taxes on time.

“In the future, it is our moral obligation to pay the taxes levied by the Ministry of Finance in a transparent and timely manner,” Hanafi said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance said that nearly one billion Afghanis in tax fines were collected from businessmen in the last 16 months will be returned soon.

“The leader and officials of the Islamic Emirate are trying to create opportunities for the growth of businesses and industries and support the private sector,” said Hedayatullah Badri, the acting minister of finance.

“After the Islamic Emirate came to power, which fines we collected at the customs, they are all protected, and traders can take back their fines according to the principles,” said Abdul Matin, head of the customs.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, at least 50,000 licenses have been registered with the ministry so far. The majority of the companies that have been granted licenses are those that are based in Afghanistan.—Tolo news