Bank’s security supervisor tipped robbers about customer’s 5m cash



A tragic incident of robbery happened in Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, (PECHS) Karachi, on the tip of the security supervisor of a private bank, robbers allegedly took Rs. 5 million cash from a private company owner.

On November 16, a company owner withdrew Rs.5 million from a private bank, as soon as they reached the company office garage at Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, (PECHS) Block 6, three robbers entered and took away the bag of money from them.Police officers from Tipu Sultan police station say that the accused involved in the robbery incident has been arrested. The accused, Khawar Khan, is a security supervisor in a private bank, on his tip, the three accused robbed the money.

The arrested accused admitted that the robbers offered him a good amount of money in exchange for tips.