Babar’s reality-based claim



DIRECTOR General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar proudly but legitimately stated on Saturday that it is high time for Pakistan to improve its perception on the global stage as the nation has almost won the war against terror.

Addressing the National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) awards ceremony, he said that the country has fought a testing war against terrorism and need to align this perception with Pakistan’s reality.

What the chief spokesperson of the defence forces said is based on ground realities and can be independently verified by anyone as no part of the country is now a no-go area.

The resumption of normal life in the length and breadth of Pakistan and marked improvement in the security environment is a testimony to the hard work of the defence forces, which rendered unmatched sacrifices in the unconventional war against terror.

This is a great achievement as originally the troops were not trained for such a war and they also faced paucity of resources during the long drawn war.

However, despite numerous odds, Pakistan defence forces were able to break the back of terrorists and restore writ of the state in each and every part of the country.

The original threat of terrorism is no more there in Pakistan and the sporadic incidents of terrorism can be described as a special form of terrorism – sponsored by some foreign powers with the objective of destabilizing the country and create obstacles in its march on the road to progress and prosperity.

Pakistan’s success in the war on terror is in sharp contrast to the dismal performance of those, who, otherwise, claim to be leader in counter-terrorism campaign.

Taliban Government in Afghanistan was dislodged about two decades back on the pretext of rooting out terrorism from that country but as foreign troops are leaving Afghanistan, Taliban are once again scoring rapid victories.

Latest reports indicate that Taliban are now in effective control of 142 out of 407 districts and the captured territories include areas that were previously off-limits for Taliban and strongholds of the Government.

The emerging situation in Afghanistan sends a clear message to the global community that the United States and its allies (in aggression) have miserably failed to win the war and are leaving Afghanistan in the midst of chaotic conditions as Afghan National Army, they cobbled together with investment of billions of dollars, has turned out to be castle of sand.

While we are justified in celebrating our achievements, there is a need for concerted efforts to foil designs of the enemy and also safeguard interests of the country in the face of the emerging situation in Afghanistan.


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